Qantas Online Shopping Mall

By now you've probably figured out that I prefer shopping online and finding the best deal as well as being rewarded for it. Previously I've written about using Cashrewards to track my online shopping which rewards me with actual cash. But there is another option which will reward you with Qantas points, the Qantas Online Shopping Mall.

Start by searching for the best deal online just as you normally would. Once found, check if the store you want to buy from is listed on the Qantas Online Store.

Do this by navigating to and log in with your Qantas frequent flyer account, making sure you have enable 'cookies' in your browser.

Then search for the store to see if they are listed and if so, how many Qantas points you'll earn per dollar. Click on the 'Shop Now' button which will open the store in a new tab or window.

You simply then complete your purchase in that tab/window and your purchase will be tracked and points awarded after a certain period of time.

Similar to Cashrewards, Qantas offers a browser plugin for Firefox and Chrome which will alert you if the store you are browsing online, is listed on the Qantas store. You can then click on the plugin and the 'Earn Qantas Points' button on the pop up before completing your transaction as normal.

In 2018 I earned 94,731 Qantas points through online shopping. Just remember, sometimes the store you want to purchase from might not be on the Qantas Store but it could be on Cashrewards. Sometimes, the store will be on both! In this case, chose which is more important to you and in some cases there are special offers giving you double cashback or points.

I recommend always checking both Cashrewards and Qantas Store and installing both browser plugins. If you are not a Cashrewards member, sign up here and get $5 added to your account.

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