I try to do most of my shopping online. It allows me to take my time and shop around to compare prices at a variety of stores.

The other great benefit of shopping online is the ability to earn cashback on your purchases. In just over 18 months, I have earned close on $800. This would be even higher but sometimes I prefer to get Qantas points when shopping online, rather than cash. I'll be writing an article on this in the near future.

There are hundreds of stores with varying levels of cashback. Some retailers offer a percentage and others a $ value.

I normally start by using Google to search for the item I'd like to purchase and then reviewing the 'Shopping' tab. This is an easy way to find which store sells the item for the best price (item + postage).

Alternatively, you can just visit your favourite stores online and check their prices.

Once you know which store you'd like to make the purchase from, you then need to visit the Cashrewards website.

Note: If you sign up using this link, you'll get $5 added to your account when your first transaction of $20 or more is approved.

In the search field, type the name of the store you'd like to make the purchase from to check if they are a partner. If they are, you will be able to see the cashback percentage or amount, as well as any discount coupons that you can use for further savings.

All you then need to do is click on the 'Shop Now' button which will open the store in a new tab/window. You then shop in that tab/window and make your purchase as normal and your purchase will be tracked.

Alternatively, there is a browser extension which will alert you when you are visiting a store that is a partner. This is indicated by a little dollar sign on the logo.

Clicking this icon will show you the cashback amount and the ability to activate the offer. As long as you see a check mark on the logo, you can complete your purchase as normal and again, your purchase will be tracked.

You are able to track your click-throughs and transactions. Remember, different retailers take different periods of time to reflect transactions. When you have a minimum of $10 available in your account, you can request the funds to be transferred to your bank account or PayPal.

Join Cashrewards here for your free $5, download the browser extension and start shopping and saving.

Stores and their discounts do change, but here are some of the few I have used or continue to use:
Amazon AU
Energy Australia
Chemist Warehouse
David Jones
The Iconic

And many more...