Entertainment Membership


The Entertainment Book is filled with hundreds of discounts like 2-for-1 offers and up to 50% off across a range of venues across Australia and New Zealand.

The majority of discounts are for restaurants, dining and takeaway. But there are also discounts on arts, sports, activities and attractions as well as some retail, shopping and travel.

Entertainment Membership comes in 2 formats, an actual book and an app for your phone or tablet.

With the book, you need to physically present your membership card with the coupons from the book.

But if you choose the app version, you simply download the app and when you need to pay, you touch the redeem button in front of the person taking your payment.

The other benefit of the app is that as bonus offers are added, you will be able to see and use them from the 'Bonus' tab in the app.

You'll also need to choose which region you want to use your discounts in when making your purchase. Choose from Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra, Central Coast, Auckland and more. Depending on the region you choose, the cost is $60 - $70 per year.

There is actually a Bali version which you can purchase for $40 which might make sense if you spend a lot of time there.

Entertainment can be purchased through registered charities and 20% of the sale price will go to the charity. So not only will you be saving money, you are also supporting a charity at the same time.

Use this link to purchase your Entertainment Membership and support Cancer Council NSW.

Existing Entertainment Members can buy extra membership for other cities at a reduced price from the website. They make the perfect travelling companion!

Now in theory there is over $20,000 worth of value in each book, but realistically you're not going to get that sort of value.

In the 10 months I had my membership, I've only used 17 vouchers but saved just over $500 which means a true saving of just over $430.

I should highlight that this is for doing the things I would have done anyways. Don't get sucked into the trap to go out and spend more just because you have a voucher!

Currently there is also an offer that will give you $20 Woolworth voucher and $50 Cellarmasters voucher when you complete your purchase. T&Cs apply.

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