AIA Vitality


Do you want to get up to $860 a year in shopping vouchers?
What about saving hundreds on your flights and gym membership?

Exactly, everyone does!

Over the last year, I saved over $4000 just through the Vitality programme on my regular spending and things I was going to buy anyways.

There are quite a few benefits and I've listed them below. As I write a blog article about each benefit and post it on the site. So keeping checking back for more details.

Discounts & Benefits:

To qualify for these discounts, you need to have a life insurance policy that comes with AIA Vitality membership. Now you're probably thinking, that its too much effort or you don't want to change your policy. Well, you don't need to. All you need to do is take out the cheapest policy because you'll still save money.

Now, you can't take out a AIA policy directly so you'll need to go through a broker such as Life Insurance Direct. I used them for my policy and you can get a quote through their website below.

My policy is for $125,000 Life, $125,000 TPD & $125,000 Trauma and costs around $30 per month. That is only $360 a year. If I don't use any discounts other than the shopping vouchers at $860 a year, I'm still $500 a year better off. Plus because I've taken this out in addition to my other insurance policies that meet my specific needs, I've now got extra cover too.

The minimum insurance amounts vary by age but I would suggest playing around with the numbers in the quote tool but I found $125,000 the lowest and best price when taking out all 3 rather than just 1 or 2! In the results table, you're looking for a policy that has the red AIA Vitality logo.

To learn more about the Vitality programme, visit:

To apply for an AIA Vitality insurance policy, visit

Please note I am not providing any financial advice but simply sharing my situation and what I have saved.

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