My 2018 Savings: $4000+ and a lot of airmiles worth $7000

Before I write any more articles (and believe me there are lots of more to come) I wanted to help everyone understand just how much I have saved last year and where the savings came from. Below is a rough breakdown of the savings I made over the […]

AIA Vitality: Huge discounts on a range of products & services

Do you want to get up to $860 a year in shopping vouchers? What about saving hundreds on your flights and gym membership? Exactly, everyone does! Over the last year, I saved over $4000 just through the Vitality programme on my regular spending and things I was going […]

Launch day is here!

Here you'll be able to keep up to date with ways to save money and maximise your credit card points and airline miles here in Australia. Over the coming weeks, I'll be posting regular updates and unlocking different sections of the website so keep coming back to discover more. Over the coming weeks, I'll be...