Get 50% off Singapore Air flights with AIA Vitality

With AIA Vitality, you could get up to 50% cashback on Virgin Australia flights twice a year. The discount was dependent on your Vitality status and you can read about it here.

But now, due to Virgin Australia’s alliance partnership with Singapore Airlines, you can use this benefit on Singapore Air flights too. This means there are now 70+ destinations across Asia and Europe including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, India, China, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Spain.

To book, you must still book via the Vitality portal which will then take you to Virgin’s website. You’ll then be able to choose your eligible flights (economy & premium) where you see the little ‘AIA Vitality’ flag.

The new flight benefit will be available for flights from April 2020 to ensure fair use of the benefit. Members will remain eligible for two status-based cashbacks per membership year, with a sub-limit of one international flight per year.

This means you can get 1 discount for international flight with Virgin or Singapore and 1 domestic flight with Virgin OR 2 domestic flights with Virgin.

I’ve just booked for July next year to Copenhagen on Singapore Air in premium economy and I’m waiting for a $2350 cashback!

The advance booking period to be eligible for a cashback will change to 21 days for domestic and 42 days for international destinations.

In addition, any new AIA Vitality members will need to wait 90 days before being able to book an eligible flight. Please note that the 90 day waiting period will need to be served in addition to the new advance booking periods noted above.

So I suggest joining AIA Vitality as soon as possible so you can get over the waiting period and start enjoy 50% off flights. To join Vitality, simply take out the cheapest life insurance policy from Life Insurance Direct.

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