AIA Vitality saved me $241 on my Virgin Australia flight

The single biggest contributor to my annual savings is my AIA Vitality membership.

For those that aren’t aware, simply taking out a basic life insurance policy with Life Insurance Direct, means you become a member. Your membership entitles you to loads of discounts of which one is up to 50% off Virgin Australia flights. Read more about AIA Vitality here.

I recently booked a trip to Hobart from Sydney for the long weekend in October.

The total cost was $610.03.

Now the 50% only applies to the fare element and not the taxes. The actual fare cost was $482.02.

This means that the discount that was paid back to me was $241.01.

Just being a standard member of AIA Vitality, will give you 10% all your Virgin Australia flights, but the healthier you are, the bigger the discount. In my case as a Platinum member, I get 50% off twice a year and then all other purchases are at 10% off.

To apply for an AIA Vitality insurance policy, visit

Please note I am not providing any financial advice but simply sharing my situation and what I have saved.

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