AIA Vitality: $860 in Shopping Vouchers Annually

As an AIA Vitality member, you have the potential to earn up to $860 every year in shopping vouchers.

Engaging in healthy activities earns you AIA Vitality Points. The more points you earn, the higher your status and the more rewards you get to enjoy!

You start your journey as Bronze. As you get healthier and accumulate AIA Vitality Points, your status improves from Bronze to Silver, then Gold and ultimately Platinum! The higher your status, the greater your rewards.

There are 2 elements to this that make up the $860. $600 can be earned as you move up through the different status levels and $260 through being active every week.

Shopping rewards (Membership status vouchers):

  • Once you have earned a certain number of points, you will receive an email with a link to claim your gift card, there will be a link on the email which takes you to a portal to select the gift card brand you would like to receive.
  • You can choose a voucher from Woolworths, Ticketmaster, Rebel, Dymocks or Myer.
  • The value of the gift card will be determined by the number of points you have earned in that membership year as per the below table.
  • Therefore if you earn the maximum number of points (which is very achievable), you can earn a total of $600 in shopping rewards vouchers
  • Learn more about Shopping Rewards here
AIA Vitality Points earned in membership year
Retail amount
5,000 $20








30,000 $150



Active benefits (Weekly vouchers):

  • Vitality will set you a weekly points challenge and the target is set based on your target achievement over the previous few weeks.
  • If I remember correctly when you first join, the target is 200 points and then goes up 50 points every week or every second week if you achieve the target.
  • The maximum weekly points target is 500 and again, achieving the target is not too difficult
  • But if you miss the target for 1 or 2 weeks, it may be adjusted down and is therefore dynamic
  • Something to point out is the points you earn for your status above, also count – its not a separate points system!
  • You’ll earn a $5 voucher each week when you achieve your target AIA Vitality points for engaging in physical activity
  • You can choose a voucher from Boost Juice, HOYTS, iTunes, Woolworths, or you can choose to donate your $5 voucher to one of the following charities: Black Dog InstituteCancer Council Australia and Diabetes Australia, via the AIA Vitality mobile app
  • These vouchers must be claimed on a weekly basis via the app – they are not automatic, so don’t forget!
  • Learn more about Active Benefits here

If you are not already an AIA Vitality member, read this article about joining and how you can save thousands a year. Taking out a policy just for the sake of joining to get the benefits will help you save money after the cost is taken into account.

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