Ritual: skip the line & earn free eats

Ritual is one of my favourite apps for ordering food to beat the queues in the morning or lunch time.

The reason I love Ritual is the fact that they give you reward points for every transaction. So not only am I saving time (and often money through their offers), I’m also getting points to use as a discount on future purchases.

Sign up here for $10 free credit

You’ll get $5 free credit to begin and once you place your first order, an additional $5 is credited to your account.

The app is simple to use and you can search by category/food type (there is even a ‘Wellness’ category) or use the map search to see the places closest to you.

Their rewards programme allows you to build up your points balance to 10,000 and then convert into $10 worth of credits.

Below are some of the additional features.

Exclusive Benefits:
You can use some points before getting to 10,000 points. This is can be done under their ‘Exclusive Benefits’ which is available on certain items with certain venues. You can save a few dollars for as little as 200 points. Earn+:
Some venues are Earn+ partners which means you can earn up to 3000 points from just a single purchase. This happens when you place your second order with the same partner within a certain period of time of your first order.
You can get up to 20x more points. You’ll be notified if you quality for this once you place an order at an Earn+ partner or you can type “Earn+” in the search field to find these partners. Rewards Elite:
If you make 8 purchases in a month, your status is upgraded to Elite which means you earn 1.5x more than regular members. My Team & Piggyback:
An optional feature is to complete the information on where you work. If you do, you’ll be given the option to pick up orders on behalf of your teammates.
You’ll earn bonus points for each person that joins your order and that you pick up for. Bonus Points:
The final way to earn points is through Bonus Points. These are special offers in-app and through marketing emails with some offers actually requiring no purchase. Some ways to earn bonus points:
+ 100 points when you visit a place you’ve never been before
+ 500 points when you add 5 places to your favourites
+ 100 points when you rate your order
+ 50 points when you set your profile pic
+ 1000 points if you make a menu correction
+ 5x points with your first dinner purchase
+ 500 points when you piggyback for teammates.

Currently there is a Bonus Point Challenge which will allow you to earn up to 5000 bonus points. All you need to do is make a purchase on 4 days between 8 April and 14 April.
Order 1 day – earn 250 points
Order 2 days – earn 500 points
Order 3 days – earn 1000 points
Order 4 days – earn 3250 points

Among the many cafes and restaurants listed on the app, some included are:

Luxe (Barangaroo)
Real Peas
Meat District Co
Pasta Pantry
Georgie Boy’s
Shirt Bar
Good Co Coffee
Three Beans

and many, many more…

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